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Contact and Sales Enquiries

Christopher Cristóbal Newberry



M:  +44 (0)77 17 22 23 97

Packaging and Delivery

View of picture in a room setting

View of image in a room setting.  Click to enlarge.

Certificate of authenticity

Each limited edition Dibond print comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Thanks! Message sent.

Hanging Mechanism

Dibond prints have an aluminium frame which sets them about an inch from the wall, creating a 'hovering' effect.

Box exterior with carrying handle

Images are posted in a lightweight, but sturdy box with carrying handle.  

Box interior with ad hoc polystyrene blocks to protect image during transport

Additional protection is given by ad hoc polystyrene blocks in the box.

Post tube for open edition paper prints.

Open edition paper prints are sent in a cardboard post tube


  • Images printed on Dibond and in their published size (typically 36x22.5, 60x15, 24x15 or 40x40 inches) come in a limited edition of 11.

  • Any larger images come in a limited edition of 5, including  artist's copy.

  • Prints measuring 36x22.5 cms (NOT inches), come as a limited edition of 85.

  • Prints smaller than 36x22.5 cms are open edition,  printed on 300gsm Fujifilm Photo Rag, with a matt finish and a smooth texture

  • Other printing formats can be made available by arrangement.

  • Payment by bank transfer.

  • Delivery should take place within 7 to 10 working days in UK.

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