During Lockdown in Britain I, like millions of others, have been forced to look at my immediate surroundings and routines with much more care. The Lockdown series consists of composite images reflecting the rather small world of home.  Each image has 121 (11x11) photographs which have been manipulated: rotated, flipped recoloured. The main image on this page is Composition 462 – "Corona Virus".  It is a man wearing face mask, glasses and gloves.  He is holding a gardening fork and paintbrush. It's semaphore code (usually using flags). If you read the first column vertically, it says C - O - R - O - N - A - V - I - R - U - S. If you read the first row horizontally it says C - A - N - N - O - T - S - L - E - E - P. Second row reads O - V - E - R - A - N - X - I - O - U - S . . . etc. All horizontal lines say something. Actual print is 110 x 110 (43.3 inches – can be larger) on Dibond (a very rigid, but light compound material composed of plastic and aluminium). Limited edition of 11 in this size.


Find out more about Platonic Views by downloading Striving for Imperfection.

Detail from Composition 462 – "Coronavirus".  Bottom row, letter "R"

© 2020 by Christopher Cristóbal Newberry


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