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Platonic Views


Plato thought that the world we inhabit was merely the shadow of another 'ideal', perfect world.  Societies across the world are being presented with simple, 'ideal' solutions to complicated problems.  USA: "If we build a wall separating Mexico from the United States, the problem of illegal immigration is solved".  Simple.  United Kingdom: "If we get out of the EU, we shall regain control of our country". No problem.   Venezuela: "Our nationalised oil industry will allow us to fix all social needs".  All you need is oil.  North Korea:  "Our Supreme Leader is a great person born of heaven who shall show the way to 'final victory'".  All these are 'ideal' solutions.  Like all ideals, they only exist in the mind and not in reality. 


The images here do something similar – they are idealised versions of reality. I thought it might be interesting to have a glimpse of this perfect world, where lines are straight, everything is in balance. 

Find out more about Platonic Views by downloading True Colours

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