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The almost perfect symmetry of the image is broken by the visitor to the gallery, yet in respect of the face in the painting behind him, there is symmetry in that they are at a similar angle, but facing opposite directions.  Note that the painting in the middle, "The Hunt" by Paolo Ucello is also very symmetrical.

Image Inception


These images are divided into 4 'collections':  Gestalt Blue Skies deals with Gestalt theory in the context of knowledge;  Platonic Views explores a world of perfection – what the world is NOT;  Imperfect Symmetry considers how, although we strive for symmetry, perfect symmetry would bring everything to a standstill – a bit like entropy, and, finally, Time and Symmetry is about . . . time and symmetry!


Striving for Imperfection

They say that art should be self-explanatory.  That may be so, but there may be some who are curious as to why these images are what they are.  AND THEY ARE NOT WHAT THEY APPEAR TO BE.  The images are all derived from the concept of unattainable perfection: imperfect symmetry, imperfect ideals and imperfect perception.  If you want to go further into these concepts, I explain these ideas in a short picture book called 'Striving for Imperfection' which you can download as a PDF file..


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